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G Cloud Backup For Android

G Cloud effortlessly backs up all your contacts, messages, call log, photos, music and videos stored on your Android Smart Phone or Tablet to a secure cloud location

Rated by 40K + users

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G Cloud will automatically protect everything on a daily schedule, so you can relax, because all your stuff is being protected automatically; let's leave it to our 30K+ users for the final say:

shane terhune

this app is awesome This app is so awesome you get to use it you get access it on the internet and any other device is the best app I've ever used so far from packing up stuff. With your password and email you can access it from any device wherever you are at any time. this app is so excellent and awesome.

Allan Evans

Easy to use and great peace of mind I rely on my phone more each day for personal and professional reasons, g cloud does an amazing job of keeping my sanity together. Backups of the phone are quick, easy, and customizable. Plus I can access from a pc AND backup all my devices with one app!

Sam Maggs

Fantastic and easy to use Only got this because I was changing and had.always had iphones with cloud. This is a brilliant app that is easy to navigate use. Highly rated.

A Ali

nice app its good to know that some app is here which make backup of contacts messages n call records. while dropbox doesnt do the same. g cloud rocks

ToTo Antonio

Just Awesome Just Awesome. Functions like an iCloud for Android. If you're coming from iOS, This is Android's iCloud.

Angel Michaels

I Love it!! I love this app! EVERYONE WHO HAS A ANDROID, SMARTPHONE, SHOULD DOWNLOAD THIS APP! I accidentally deleted some pictures that were important to me. I then remembered that I backed up my phone, and was happy to of gotten everything back.

Mike Frend

Fantastic! Did a fair bit of research into the best cloud app and this always featured highly, and deservedly so. EXTREMELY easy to set up, EXTREMELY user friendly, EXTREMELY essentially. This issue a must have app, wish I had found it sooner. 10/10.

Thomas Crabb

Simple A simple way to back up everything you have and to take it on the go. I've toyed with other solutions such as carbon or what was formally known as Helium and for a free solution this takes the cake.

Jay Moser

Awesome. GCloud has me on cloud 9. Better than google drive and saves me a ton of room on my sd card. Word.

Richard Gillespier

G Cloud G Cloud is an amazing app for backing up and protecting any thing you don't wanna lose its easy to use a lot more so than most of the other ones you see out there literaly a monkey could use this is a must download for anyone in my opinion hope you enjoy Your Friendly Android User
Richard G.

k forester

Great app! Recently had to change phones due to unexpected damage. What a pleasant surprise none of my contacts, texts, or photos were lost!

Mira Serrill-Robins

Glad I found it Just wish I'd known before having phone issues, when I thought Google automatically backed up info...FYI, they sure don't.

Melanie Buck

Love it! Very user friendly, does what it says it does. Love that I can customize what is being backed up, and when.

Ronnie Kean

Better than Dropbox! Best on the current market imo. Cannot believe that I can backup my whole phone. Could stand ti be anle to see how much space is leftover after backup. EXCELLENT!


Great to keep your important stuff It's a great way to keep your important stuff and can be found in this safe place whenever you want to restore it when you lose it or on a new device

Kayleen Knapp

Five stars! This app is amazing, it easily back-up'ed everything I needed, including my pictures! (and I have 2,ooo+ of those) Not to mention my contacts, documents, videos, and just about everything else you could need! I definitely recommend this app to any and everyone!

Kevin M

Way better than the verizon cloud app This app allows you to back up just about most of your necessary files! Thank goodness I found this before I did my system update!

Naresh Kumar

Appreciation I love you g cloud.. I lost all my contacts.. But i got it only by you.

Protect Everything

Never worry about losing your phone, G Cloud automatically backs up your:

Messages Call logs Contacts Photos Music Videos Documents Settings Browser Data

Web Access

  • Open on any device
  • Access and export your contacts
  • Read your messages online
  • Share photos, videos & music from your backed up devices

Safe & Secure

G Cloud stores all your files on the secure and reliable Amazon AWS Cloud with military grade 256-AES encryption. If you lose or delete anything, you can restore it instantly.

Backup All Devices

G Cloud allows you to protect all your android phones and tablets under a single account. You can also restore files from all your other devices. To add a new device, just install G Cloud and sign in.

Earn up to 8 GB Free

Your plan starts with 1 GB and gives you easy and fast ways to earn up to 8 GB by inviting friends, sharing on facebook and twitter and more. Once a friend joins G Cloud will automatically push you the space without any intervention.

Customize G Cloud

Go to the settings inside the app to customize when to backup, on what connection, edit the file types that are taken into backup, delete backed up files, and disable notifications.